Thursday, May 19, 2011


There used to be a time when I poured all my emotions in a single entry. That usually happens when I’m pretty pissed off, because when I’m happy I want to be out there to gallivant with my friends, short of shouting on the rooftops. But whenever I feel like life sucks major balls I rant like hell in my little virtual corner.

Lately that never happens, because life happens. Suffice it to say that my old life used to bore me out of my skull, with nothing better to do than blog. Now things are happening left and right, from up above and down under. And I am happy with that.

Though, everything seems perfect right now. It feels like something is missing. I think it is because,I miss writing.I miss writing irrational-stuffed-emotions of mine. If I would share everything what's happening with me not only the unpleasant ones but also the positive ones everything would be perfect.

It is easier to write unpleasant things, I don’t know why. But I will try to transform those pleasant happenings that I have experienced into writing, so I can put a smile on some people who happen to randomly or purposely visit this not so-funny blog of mine.


  1. everybody has a diff types of writing ability, we write of what we feel ,- dont try to be someone different - just write what you feel and youll be good

  2. oo nga..kailan kaya ako ulet makakapagsulat ng kwento tungkol sa sarili ko at hindi sa iniisip ko... hays..kailan kaya---ulit...