Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exploring my Psyche

I was doing a lot of research lately about  mind processes, chemical imbalance in the brain, and personality. I want to be familiar in different psychological terms. This is serve as my back to school preparation for the next school year. I have three more weeks to go but I haven't finish all the things I want to accomplish.

Next semester will be a hard time for me. I will be taking my thesis for the first time. I am so excited for that and at the same time I am  nervous. I'm a self-confess control freak and little bit of paranoid. I want things to go smoothly as I plan it to be because I'm afraid to be a failure.

As I'm doing my review,I notice that there a lot of subjects and terms that I haven't heard in my previous lectures.I realized that if you really want to be knowledgeable about everything  people should make an initiative to study on their own.

I was reading a book about different kinds of chemical in the brain and some of their functions. And I am amazed of what I have discovered. For may next post I will be talking about that. Besides of that I'm fascinated about different personalities and their corresponding behavior. I am also memorizing about different Psychological disorder. And it's giving me a headache because there are 106 disorder listed in DSM-IV! But it's okay.I know the things that I put in my mind would be a good help in my research for my thesis.

So basically everything that you will be reading in this blog are not only about my dark emotions. This blog is not owned by a red head with black lipstick "EMO" who has a suicide mark on her wrist.

This blog is owned by someone who wants to understand every person's behavtittude (behavior attitude). Someone who wants to see beyond the wall of every human's unconscious mind.Someone who wants to help every emotionally disturbed person. 

I want my readers to know how our mind affects our daily lives.I  believe that knowing how the brain interacts in our conscious mind and how it affects the external factors is a good way to control our lives.


  1. Thank you for following me. This is a very nice post. All of this are true.

  2. Ok! I will be learning a lot from your posts. I may have to brace myself for what things I might discover about myself, too..

    Bring it on! =D

  3. Ellow there!!! Thankx for bringing the initiative to follow my blog.. kahit ang chorva ng dating.. hahahaha :) thankx :) and na-amaze naman ako xayo na nagbabaxa kana ahead of time... di ko kaxe gawain yun niyahahahah :)