Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm not quite sure we understand the power of words. One negative hurtful word can said out of hand or without a thought is like a seed that stuck deep into a persons soul. You might think that what I am saying is extreme, but think with me a minute. Think back the earliest memory you have of someone saying something hurtful, and tell me how still feels. Our words are powerful.

We get mad or we're annoyed and we strike out. An off handed comment, a verbal jab, done without thinking. Except that word sinks in. It begins to grow. It feeds on self esteem and the only fruit bears is insecurity.

As the word grow larger,it grow stronger and so does the insecurity. Over the time the person spirit get week, brittle then broken. Most of the time the only think left is BITTERNESS.

A person is destroyed because we don't understand the power of our words.