Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's with the Attitude!

Problems are part of our life. It is one of the constant things we can not avoid. Can you imagine life without problems? A life with no stress, no shortcoming, no heartache, no sufferings? Me, I can't  imagine life without those things?  I believe life without dilemma means life with no happiness! 

Without stress you can't appreciate peace of mind. Without shortcomings we can't experience satisfaction. Without heartache we will not feel joy. Without sufferings we will not be motivated to be better. And therefore we won't be able to achieve what all human kind wants, Serenity!!

Problems are inevitable. What ever we do, problems will just continue coming to our life. But it doesn't mean we can't change that. Problems are made to be solved. Solving every problem that causes us to feel pain will lead us to happiness.
I want you to share a book that helped me understand the nature of problem. And that is Dr. Alan E. Nelson's "The Power of new attitude" With this book I realized that problems are not just caused by external circumstances but also Self-defeating behavior that we people possesses. 

"But behind the visible circumstances is the less than obvious reality that most of us are our own worst enemy. Our number one nemesis is staring back at us in the mirror" Dr. Nelson says. 

Guilt, unwilling to commit, materialism, wrong priorities, lack of discipline, living to please, running from the truth and self-centeredness are just some of the sabotaging behaviors that Dr. Nelson listed in his book. We are guilty on some of those behaviors that helps to produce problems. 

To add more, he also stated the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule). It is said that 80% of the problems, failures and frustrations that we endure are self-inflicted. He advice that instead of focusing on 20% of external circumstance that causes problem. Why focus on 80% sabotaging behavior to solve and decrease in creation of problems. 

After analyzing the anatomy of problem, I can't agree more to Dr. Nelson. He is right. We are our own worst enemy. Problems are just there. But we invite problems with our sabotaging behaviors. If we change our wrong thinking and sabotaging behavior that we have, we will be able to achieve the fulfillment, success and happiness what we always wanted. It's all in the attitude.   

Note: If you think you have a wrong view in life and you want to change your self into a better you. This book might help you as it help mine.

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