Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Note: It is just another blah blah moment. Feel free to click the red X at the upper right side of your monitor. I won't get mad. I promise :D

We all have baggage to carry. Don't think as if you're the only one who is suffering and experiencing, on the thing they called problem! "You are not the only person in this world".

I have a different opinion when talking about problem. I believe that problems are blessings! I know it sound strange. But for me its true.Problems are blessings in disguise.Maybe because I have experienced every possible problem you can imagine.

Friends ditches you.Plans always backfires. People disappoints you. That's how life f*ck us all. Its inevitable.

We are blinded by the pain.That's why we see those blessings as problems. Friends ditches you because "HE" wants you to meet more people to inspire you. Plans always backfires so you can think for better option not only for yourself but for the people around you . People keeps on disappointing you, for you to learn not to expect too much on them.

All the baggage, problems, blessings whatever you want to call them,will gonna make sense in time. Believe me my heart is talking!

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